Mesurau rheoli cŵn newydd ar gyfer Caerdydd lanach, ddiogelach

Consultation on powers to deal with controlling dogs to help keep the city cleaner is being considered by Cardiff Council.


Proposals for enforcement measures to clamp down on dog fouling in the city's parks and green spaces with the introduction of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) will be discussed by Cabinet at its next meeting on July 12.


PSPOs are available to local authorities to deal with specific nuisance problems in particular areas that are, or are likely to have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of people in the area. An order can prohibit or restrict certain activities and are designed to ensure that the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces, free from anti-social behaviour.


The Council receives a significant number of complaints about dog fouling and out of control dogs in public places each year.  In 2016/17, there were more than 500 complaints to the authority in relation to dog fouling.



The consultation will focus on the introduction of a PSPO which could replace outdated dog controls and as a first phase could include:


  • a fixed penalty notice for dog fouling in all public places owned or maintained by the Council,
  • the exclusion of dogs in all enclosed playgrounds, marked sports pitches and schools, which are owned and/or maintained by the Council,
  • a requirement that dogs are kept on leads within all cemeteries owned and/or maintained by the Council,
  • a requirement allowing authorised officers to give a direction that a dog(s) be put and kept on a lead if necessary.




Breaches of an order can be enforced with a Fixed Penalty Notice, up to a maximum of £100. Failure to pay the fine can lead to criminal prosecution with a potential fine up to £1,000.


Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: "Dog fouling is a blight on our public areas and it can be dangerous, if a person comes into direct contact with it. We're particularly concerned about the safety of children and sports users using our parks and green spaces.


"We know that the majority of dog owners are responsible and do the right thing by cleaning up after their dog and keeping them under control. Unfortunately, there is a minority who cause significant problems and every year, the council receives hundreds of complaints about the issue.


"We have a key role to play in helping to make local communities within our area, safe  and clean places to live, visit and work.By introducing a Public Space Protection Order, we are committing to tackling this nuisance andreducing anti-social behaviour so that our public open spaces can be enjoyed by everyone."


If approved by Cabinet on July 12, public consultation on the proposal for a Public Space Protection Order to introduce dog controls in areas across Cardiff will be carried out.


The Council will be consulting directly with key stakeholders, including Animal Welfare Groups and The Kennel Club and will also undertake direct consultation in a number of parks and public space areas throughout the consultation period. 


Details on how to have your say on these proposals will be publicised on the Council's Twitter @cardiffcouncil and Facebook


The outcome of the consultation will be presented to Cabinet for approval of the final recommendations for the Public Space Protection Order for dog control.